Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happening Things

I wish I had the oratory skills that Abraham Lincoln had. I wish I could speak on a pod-cast like the now Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and be able to stir hearts with what I write. But I am neither one of the best Presidents we ever had, nor am I the Cardinal of one the of the biggest cities in the world. I'm just a kid from the Merrimack Valley, trying to not get lost in the sea of relativism and the status-quo.

What I write about today is something that has been a big talking piece by every one out there. Even though I am a little late to the party what I have to say is basic, not going into a lot of detail, but with the hopes that I can give those who lend eyes a morale boost.

We all have heard about the HHS mandate, the "Accommodation" by the POTUS, and the uniting of Bishops. Which by the way is an unprecedented show of unity. Now more so than ever we can do things on our side of the fence to help revoke this attack on religious liberty. This isn't about health, this is about being able to stand up for what you believe in and not getting thrown in jail for it.

We have these things called inalienable rights. One of those fundamental of rights is our right to practice our Faith openly and freely. I ask you to look back at the influx of Irish immigrants in the late 1800's. When the Church of England became well the government and the church, persecution began. Irish were run out to the fields and executed. look it up if you don't believe me. Even more so than the famine, people have always been drawn to America because here your religion will not be struck down on sight.

I feel as if today you have to hide being Christian, any type that is. Even if your a Lutheran, when someone asks you you tend to just say Christian. This upsets me not because of the fact about political correctness being thrown in there but the fact that it's now almost as if a black cloud is being hung over your head. The worst part is is when tenents of your chosen faith are mixed in with other ones. We're put into to one cloud, and then proceeded to be mocked.

What I ask is that you pray. No matter what I do or what we can do to tell people about the intricacies of our Faith, we can't put a conversion drop in their soups. Most of the time to our anger takes over us, and we tend to be hostile towards others. The greatest thing we can do is to walk the walk and talk the talk as Christians. But we must also be able to stand up for the love that we have for others.That's why we stand up to stop HHS, it's why we march on Washington during the march for life. We are in it to save lives because life is a precious thing. We are not being mean or repressive, when we want people to be responsible, nor are we oppressive to women when we say we want better things for them. What women can do naturally is not a disease and it shouldn't be treated as one. We as Catholics don't want women to be objectified. They have their own built in forms of birth control. You take medicine when your sick, but being pregnant isn't a sickness.

I am sure people who decide to use the pill for the most part can find a good intention in it. I do not want people on our fence to say that they are monsters for using it. We can't look down on them but have to hug them , and just try to let them know that the lie they have been fed is only hurting society, moreover themselves. When there is NFP there is choice. Couples choose when they are taking a chance and not Pfizer. For us in college, don't you think you do enough damage to your liver then.

As an aside, I would like to point in a few directions so you can decide for your self. One is a website called GetReligion. Which covers the Religion side of news. The other is a site about a study on NFP, which even though was done in 2007 there are sure to be recent ones. Science Daily. After that I'm sure a web search for resources about NFP, will come up with good results. In the end our greatest weapon is the hope that is in us. We do this not for ourselves but for others.

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  1. this was a beautiful posting and an important issue to be shared. Well done!
    continued blessings :)