Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's The Greenest

I guess with all the immense talk going on about the health care mandate, it may seem like a dead horse is being beaten. Even though I can do a whole other blog about the injustice it is, I'd rather segway into something a little more happy. Enter St. Patrick's Day. I'm so happy about this day for more reasons than just being from a place where the Patron Saint of the Diocese is green Saint. It makes me think about the Boston story. Our history. I know I'm not a townie. But as a practicing Catholic and an Immigrants descendant, there is plenty to say about his town and the people in it.

I'm glad it's this time of the month(hmm... might want to change that for the ladies), I'm actually going to post a link about Saint Patrick. This isn't a wikipedia article I was pondering it but nah!

You know it really makes me proud to be hear. The Arch Diocese is the 4Th largest in the U.S. Imagine that from such a small state like this. Out of all the places that can be to it's us. I get a lot of hope from that. No matter how bad things are when I look and what is going on in our community. When I see all that people are dong for those less fortunate, those that really need our help, especially the youth that is stepping up to the plate. It's really a light on a dark street. We as a state didn't even start out Catholic.

We all know the stories. The pilgrims, the settlers. Nothing in our early history hinted we would be a state, or a city with one of the biggest patches of Ireland this side of the Atlantic. Irish really didn't start coming here until the 1800's. Holy Cross Cathedral kind of stands out huh? Among all the town hall churches, comes a true to heart style Catholic Church, maybe taking a page or two from St. Francis' Abbey in Kilkenny. You would assume New York, and the Bowery, but time changes things. Even before the Kennedy's Boston was an Irish town. Remember the know nothing party. Well more over when you come down to it. It was more than just bias against Catholics it was bias against immigrants our of fear that they would loose the offices, the stations of politics. Well, here, that kind of happen. But the Church took well too it. Look at our priest's and clergy. See a trend?

Even with not being Irish, it's something you just grow up in. Even though we celebrate our own customs, it seems that St.Patrick's day is a Boston holiday. The day where every body's Irish. It's in our DNA, it's who were are from where we live. For Catholics it's like a double holiday. So cheers, and salute on the greenest of day's

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