Monday, January 23, 2012

Today For LIFE

I just want to take this time to say how proud I am of all you attended the March For Life. I can't tell you how much of a morale booster it is to keep fighting for those who can not fight for themselves. Among th emany that were there there were also themany that stood in solidarity with the crowd over the waves of the internet. As can be seen from Twitter #MarchforLIFE, and numerous FaceBook accounts across the globe. Many of whom came from far and wide from Anchroage Alaska and all corners north, south, east and west.

Since I was regretably unable to attend I tried my best to keep up over Twitter. That and also over C-Span which I think was the only station that acually broadcasted it. Even with 300,000+ people there, no main stream media attention. There was many well spoken speakers at the event. One of whom was Congressman Landry's.

I know my fellow Merrimack College students, attended this event, and I thank those WarriorsForLife. I know Cardinal Sean O'Malley was present along with 500 others representing Boston. For this I thank God on High from the bottom of my heart.

We each have a gret part to play in his redemptive mission. As much as the fight still rages on, I do not feel any need to stop, or any need to not profess, at the top of my lungs the great reverence for life we as Catholics, as Christians and as men of good will are called to have. I see hope in the turning of the tides for each person who marched today, my hope is two fold.

God Bless you all, and grant you his precious gift of peace.


  1. Praise God! Really good to see such things happen for Pro-life. Where i live there is still so much ignorance about prolife.

    Pray for Life, Preach for Life and Politic for life!!

    Its amazing how i was directed to your blog. Just wrote something similar in my blog.

    Stand for Life :

    God Bles!

    1. Thank you so much Sebastian for taking the tie to read my blog. I'm really thrilled I was able to reach out. The damage that's is being done to society is really covered up. If you could pass this blog a long, it's nice to know I'm not the only one on the hill. I'll be sure to get your blog linked on mine. God Bless!